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Women's tours

Motorbike trips only with women - when we all think the men are very nice -

does that have to be ??? .... many will ask at this point !!!


As an organizer - and by chance a woman - I asked myself this question, but today I know:

Well, it doesn't have to be so many things, but it is very pleasant !!! ..... and every woman can decide whether

She wants that !!!


  • Pace is determined by woman to woman

  • moderate tour lengths,

  • Activities like shopping, sunbathing, chatting are in there,

  • the factor relaxing and relaxing is in the foreground.

  • ... no pace and no route have to be made !!!


........ give it a try, because only those who have really tried it can have a say !!!

I can say it is a lot of fun and you can have a look at and read it on the history pages. - Girls tour 2015 in Vinschgau or girls tour Lake Garda 2016 .... only 2 examples from many !!!





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