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Group rules

The following rules are intended when traveling in a group to ensure that we travel as a unit and the group is organized in a safe manner. Therefore, these rules should be strictly observed by all participants. Before the departure there is a brief tour briefing with information for the tour and the upcoming route.

1. Everyone appears at the meeting point on time at the agreed times. It would not be fair to the other participants who showed up in time.

2. On longer tours, meeting points are set at which you can meet again if you lose the group. Everyone has the phone number of the tour guide.

3. The group is led by the tour guide. The drivers with less experience or less horsepower line up behind the tour guide, where you can drive safely and without stress. The tour guide determines the order that is maintained throughout the trip.

4. The safety distance to the person in front must be observed. On straight routes, driving is fundamentally offset, for example the tour guide drives on the left in the lane, his back man on the right in the lane, the third again on the left, etc. (in a zigzag pattern). This has the advantage that the group is not pulled apart and if someone has to brake hard, the gap can be exploited.

5. In curves, the group pulls apart and everyone drives their line, then the offset is restored.

6. At traffic lights and intersections, stop next to each other so that all participants in green come across the intersection. Then the offset (left / right) is restored.

7. In general, there is no overtaking within the group (except in emergency situations). This also ensures orientation to the front and rear man.

8. Every driver pays attention to his back man. If he loses sight of this, he immediately flashes to the right and slows down the pace, the whole thing continues forward and the tour guide knows within a very short time that someone has problems behind.

9. If you have to stop unexpectedly, look for a stop, parking lot, bus stop, driveway or similar in order not to endanger yourself and others.

10. The overtaking of vehicles on country roads and highways takes place vehicle by vehicle at your own discretion. The tour guide makes the start on country roads based on the location, traffic volume and route. If someone doesn't dare to overtake, the rest of the group has to take this into account. Only the tour guide on motorways decides when to overtake. He sets the turn signal and gives the signal for everyone else to change lanes. The last vehicle already blocked the lane for the rest of the group in advance (only then can the lane be changed safely, taking into account the following traffic).

11. If you need to fill up in between or before the end of the tour, make sure that the tour guide knows about it before setting off. Basically, the following applies: in the evening, the tank is filled up together so that you don't have to stop for fuel in the morning!

12. Alcohol is absolutely taboo for us during the day tours, otherwise you endanger yourself and the group, non-compliance can lead to exclusion from the trip.

13. When driving in a group we stand out much more than single drivers. However, the average speeds are lower than for individual drivers, as we always take the slowest in the group into account.

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