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....... why am I doing what I am doing ???





Susan Sontag

Hello bikers,

Welcome to the Ullatours website !!!

I am Ulla, who is really happy that you have arrived on my site !!!

Planning great tours is just a lot of fun for me and realizing the whole thing with nice passengers is just a joy !!!

We will experience wonderful little country roads, in very small groups, enjoy super beautiful views, have time for photos and have a nice visit in between or have nice conversations at the stop !!!

... and wherever it is beautiful in Europe. My motto is still "Experience beautiful areas with nice people" and this motto is lived.

Tour comfortably, stay in good, nice hotels with delicious food and fine drinks and pamper your eyes during the day with wonderful views during the tour.

In the evening we will sit together nicely, talk about what we have experienced and God and the world and sometimes the motorcycle is in the foreground as well! It goes both to the hut evening, where Ulla puts her hand on the squeeze, and sometimes to the disco, with rocking sounds.

.... everything the group wants !!! Here, too, shared fun is the driving force !!!

With weekly tours we always enjoy a motorcycle free day. Time for lounging, sunbathing, fitness or wellness. But you can also organize the day individually, of course there is no peer pressure.

I'm just going to try to skillfully combine the beautiful things in life. We put into practice what we always wanted to do.

... without any stress, I take the planning off your hands !!!

We enjoy together from the 1st minute - pure enjoyment !!!

If you like my philosophy of touring, just come along.

We look forward to you, no matter when and where, the main thing is that you are there

Ulla with team

Ursula Arenz
Auf dem Köppel 14, 57539 Bitzen
Tel.: 0049 (0) 2682 - 3105

Call now

0049 (0) 170-9081959
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