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Croatia 2018

... there is a nice bunch for Croatia !!! ... and it has been confirmed, you are nice !!!

Starting point Kempten

1st day of arrival from Kempten to Lesachtal

.... arrived at the Lesachtalerhof

2nd day of arrival from Lesachtal to Novi Vinodolski

.... through beautiful Slovenia

.... and then we were in the Novi Spa, great hotel !!! .... and hardly any guests there !!!

.... then the must-see "Plitvice Lakes", a natural spectacle without end !!!

... of course an island trip is also included !!!

Claudi, the statue of RAB !!!

... the two snoring noses !!!

... and finally the ferry is there and finally ..... FAHRTWIND !!!

... and luckily Uli was with !!!

.... if he hadn't started swimming in the sea, we would have missed it !!!

... our last tour day in Croatia !!!

65 km curve after curve without civilization in the beautiful hinterland !!! HOT!!!

... with so many curves at a time, of course, the absolute hopping builds up !!!

.... quickly plucked down the clothes and ran to Karlovacko .... unk, unk, unk

... and then unfortunately the last evening in Novi !!!

... here a little north-south gradient in the optics !!! .... the grimaces are awesome, right ???

... a great tour comes to an end, my face is already sad !!!

... it was a fragrant group and a wonderful tour !!!

.... a great comfort at the end!

.... this closed group will travel to CORSICA in 2019 !!!

.... I'm happy because after the tour is before the tour !!!

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