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... a colorful bunch of girls on Lake Garda 2016 !!!

Our trip started behind the monastery !!!

A first meeting and then a dinner together in the beer garden with our Partenkirchen friends Max and Annemarie !!!

In the morning we went to the Kröninger dealership for a short coffee and a picture stop .

At the latest now you know what the colorful pile is all about ... ... and it was not agreed !!!

Walk to Gargnano. A wonderful run with many impressions !!!

... cracked the bank on tiptoe !!!

... so you are Swiss !!!

..... and this is the Claudi photo trap that no one can escape !!!

She enchants photo muffle in photo models, great !!!

..... over the smallest streets to the Iseo !!!

..... and an additional special track with gravel, for the hard core !!! Claudi in the frenzy of curves !!!

..... a last photo with our hosts Graziella and Alain in our great polos, which we received as a goodbye.

Daaanke, it was nice with you !!!

My first choice for vacation on Lake Garda !!!

..... but also such a great tour comes to an end !!!

....... past the Molveno, through the Sarntal, over the Brenner road to Ettal !!!

..... a panoramic view without end !!!

..... Claudi takes off again !!!

..... but the monks and our beer are already waiting for us !!!

..... girls, you were great too !!!


There were already repeat offenders!


... I look forward to seeing you on the next tours,





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