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Girls action tour Carinthia 2017

...... unfortunately only for three, I thought ..... but small groups also have their very special charm !!!


... and then 2 totally motorcycle-horny girls !!! ..... after the Motto: "Can we add a bow ???"

Annette and Veronica had fun, despite some shitty weather, you can see below !!!

Fortunately we didn't know what to expect here !!!

It starts to drizzle, on the top of the pass it gets wintry with heavy snow, snowy roads and -3 degrees !!!

... but it will get better !!!

With the car train from Mallnitz through the mountain to Bad Gastein.

.... the Malteinerhof , my very clear recommendation for Carinthia !!!

Central location in Malta, great starting point in all directions, ... but the most important thing ???

Super great food and family atmosphere with the whole team!

Christian keep it up, we'll be back and tell everyone !!!

...... and then our highlight ..... "DER MANGAAAAAAAAARRRRT" ..... what a great pass !!!

...auf der Anfahrt Picknick am Bach!!!

Well, there were also rainy days, but on the one hand we are good on foot and on the other hand cable car driving up and down is fun even when it is raining !!!

Well, girls, I like to ride with you again and again !!! ... you were in terms of route length and driving fun, something very special !!! ... not to forget the endurance while running, 17km in one day !! !

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