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coffee or tea

Broadcast on April 17th, 2018

SWR media library

Click on the picture and you can see it !!!

... the first live appearance on TV !!! ... a nice way to motivate even more women to ride a motorcycle !!!

... Ulla's first television appearance at SWR

Go there - a series that shows the beautiful regions of the country with interesting people !!!

Ullatours on the show "Spring in Kroppacher Switzerland"

Click on "Spring in Kroppacher Switzerland" and you can see it !!!

Interview with Stephan Maderner from Bike and Business

.... on the occasion of the bike and business motorcycle tour there was a nice interview by Stephan with Frauke from fembike and me !!!

... and then I was there, a small film here

Bike Women of the Year 2016

... 5th place and I was really proud !!!

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