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Royale Dolomites 2017

.... only the weather didn't know !!!

First of all a big, big compliment to the team of the Hotel Royal !!!


... that's almost nothing to top !!!


A house, very first cream !!!


Food sensational, great family atmosphere, the guest is emperor and the location is just great!


My recommendation for the Dolomites !!!


... no wish remains unfulfilled!

As you can see, we went to winter sports in September rather than summer!

The cold was caustic, but it didn't stop the good mood !!

... but it got even thicker !!! ...... pouring rain with snow, driving was out of the question !!! ... but a photo session in the swimming pool was just the thing !!!

.... and very strange, all sun beds were free for us !!!

Of course we used this shamelessly to do the dry moped ride !!!

.... we didn't have to worry about the mopeds, because they were in the wellness garage !!!

Well that's what I call service !!!

.... Claudi and I in the hay warehouse !!! ... we lacked the necessary seriousness for this application !!!

.... and in the evenings we were always the funniest at the table !!!

.... but you could only have fun with the food !!!

.... it was not just a feast for the eyes, it was a treat for the palate and the best compensation for the weather !!!

.... ooooh shit and then that !!!


How should we deal with it ??? What was that???


                       SUN ?????

.... we had to ride a moped again ???

..... oh yes, the parts were with and actually started voluntarily !!!

... and then came the bad Friday !!! .... the day with the most beautiful and warmest weather !!!

... the day with the driver who overlooks the moped drivers !!!

... a left turn takes Ulli from the moped in the village !!!

Luckily for Uli, except for bruises everything went off lightly !!! .... his mop got it badly well and as a consolation, the Citroen doesn't look too chic anymore !!!

... I have already considered whether I should show these pictures, but:

1. it belongs to moped driving

2. The group worked so well after the crash, you have to mention that (blocking off, regulating traffic, etc.)

3. Ulli's bones are healthy, only the mop is scrap

4. The support at the Royal was great

5. Claudi had the first assignment as a guide and brought the group home

6. I was able to test the Italian hospitals with Ulli

7. Conclusion: The group worked great as a group !!!

... Ulli surely sensed that we would have to drive home in such weather.

He left comfortably in the car a day later !!! ... in nice dry weather !!!

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