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Wer ist Ulla???

... I'm going to start myself again !!!

I personally always like to know who I am dealing with and the right should of course also be yours !!!

I got the motorcycle gene with my genes. My parents were on the road with motorcycles and sidecars early on. First and foremost because you couldn't afford a car, but the fun was certainly a big part too !!!

The black and white photos are contemporary witnesses from the 50s, but also in the

Age the fun of moped riding stopped, but then on my moped !!!

My dad, who unfortunately only watches from above !!!

... but that's not the only passion !!!

With much less horsepower it works too !!! Up on horseback and then on foot with the mini four-legged friend !!!

.... I also inherited the love of animals, so I'm very happy about it !!! .... and if I had more free time, it could be a few more !!! .... the pension is approaching Luck!!!

Desert shine from Tyrol, from stables in the Mölltal

Breeder: Madelaine Huymann

Mister NR-V from South Tyrol, Castelrotto

Breeder: Norbert Rier

... but now back to mop riding !!! .... the passion I have been giving in for 36 years !!!

... I have covered around 760,000 km with my various mopeds and toi, toi, toi, until now accident-free !!!

... there should still be a lot of beautiful motorcycle kilometers, of course also accident-free, of course preferably with you !!!

... very early on I noticed that I really enjoy planning tours, leading groups and supporting many nice people in their hobby !!!

Travel with pleasure, that's my motto !!!

... this includes a nice hotel, delicious food, good drinks, a beautiful region and nice passengers!

The tour is completely relaxed, totally stress-free. The common breakfast opens the day, when everyone is ready we start and if necessary we can shorten the tour if the weather or the schedule does not work.

The pace is that everyone in the group is relaxed, but that doesn't mean we pick flowers !!!

The whisperers can accelerate alone in defined sections of the route and the group catches them again at the meeting point.

In the late afternoon there is a stop at the hotel, where the evening is heralded with a warm beer. Before dinner there is still time for the sauna, swimming pool or anything else. We enjoy the evening together with a delicious dinner and if we feel like it, we still exercise a bit after the meal, just as you like.

On longer tours there is always a motorcycle-free day, which we feed together with any activities, or you took a group-free break for you. ... just as you like.

... I just noticed that you still don't know what I look like, we want to change that below !!!

.... a few special pictures of Ulla, you can see from one or the other that laughter plays a very important role for me and I am also available for all "joke" things !!!

... yes I was already on TV !!! ... I am the motorcycle mouse from SWR !!!

Go there - Kroppacher Switzerland and in coffee or tea live on April 17th, 2018 !!!

... if you click on coffee or tea you can see it !!!

...the New !!! R1250 GS Triple Black
My current companion - R1200GS !!!
My first companion - XS400 - !!!
Number 2 - NTV Revere -
the first brand new BMW - K1100 RS -
Number 5 BMW - F650 -
my first BMW - K100 -
Number 6 BMW - R1100 R -
Number 7 - Honda Deauville -
Number 8 - BMW R1100 S -
Number 9 - BMW R1200 GS -
Number 11 - BMW K1200 R Sport - ..the grenade
... for that I had you twice!
Number 10 - BMW R1200 R -
... the shortest encounter !!! 1 week ... then came
Number 12 - BMW R1200GS -
Number 13 - BMW F650 -
Number 14 - Ducati Multistrada -
Number 15 - BMW F650GS -
Number 16 - Honda CRF250M - fun mobile ... Photo follows
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